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7 Best Low-Impact Strength Training For Beginners 

If you are interested in obtaining great strength results, make sure to read this blog until the end. Those who do not simply want to put too much pressure on joints are also welcome. Fortunately, all these things are now possible due to low-impact strength training.

So, let us see the demographics that would benefit from low-impact strength training, the advantages of such workouts, and exercises for beginners. Let’s get going!

What is Low-Impact Strength Training?

Low-impact strength training means exercise that does not strain your joints and tendons.

Any exercise where one foot remains in contact with the ground is considered low impact, so no jumping or hopping moves (high-impact) are allowed.  This reduces the impact on the body while increasing resistance and making it very hard. However, you should not confuse them with their high-impact counterparts because they can be as tricky.

Pros Of Low-Impact Strength Training At Home 

Low impact is a misnomer. This method comes with several high-impact benefits you can gain inside and outside the gym.

The advantages of low-impact strength training include:

  1. It’s gentle on the joints.
  2. It creates consistency in your workouts.
  3. It enhances cardiovascular endurance.
  4. It promotes kinesthetic awareness.
  5. It prevents diseases and disorders.
  6. It improves bone density.
  7. It boosts brain function.
  8. It reduces stress.
  9. It supports psychological health.

7 Beginner-Friendly Low-Impact Strength Training Exercises 

Refer to these exercises to witness the person you have always thought of being. But don’t forget, they’ll still be challenging you. Although without creating much pressure on your tendons and joints as we have incorporated moves in these exercises. Hit every part of your body by incorporating these low-impact strength training exercises in your overall workout.

low impact strength training exercises

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Sumo squat

Sets 2-3 Reps 12-15

With feet wider than hip-width apart and toes slightly pointed outward, stand. Slowly bend your knees and push your hips back to lower yourself down. It is better to keep your knees aligned in respect to your hips. Pause in a parallel position when your thighs become parallel to the floor. Then, squeeze your glutes before pushing up through your heels.

Dumbbell bench press

Sets 2-3 Reps 8-10

Hold dumbbells next to your chest carefully. Maintain the weights at 45° to your torso. Exhale and extend elbows, pressing dumbbells straight. Take them back slowly beneath control till comfort is reached.

Split squat

Sets 2-3 Reps 12-15

Keep your feet shoulder-width apart, and step forward until the rear heel is lifted. After that, bend both knees as much as possible before the back knee touches the floor. Next, push through your toes to rise. Remember not to strengthen your legs in any way while doing this.

Three-point row

Sets 2-3 Reps 8-10

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and hold one dumbbell facing a weights bench. Hinge at the hips, then bend your opposite hand to rest lightly on the bench. Do a slight arch in the lower back. The ribcage’s bottom should be where you lift the dumbbell. Maintain the elbows straight and reversely lower them to their initial position.

best low impact strength training

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Sets 2-3 Time 30-60 sec

For a plank position, walk your feet back so your elbows are under your shoulders, and your body is one straight line from shoulders to ankles. As you pull the navel towards your spine, feel your abs engage. Then, look down at the floor so your head stays aligned with the neck.


Swimming is the best low-impact strength training. This is because it lets you work out your whole body simultaneously. Even reduce weight with the help of the same. It fits into low and high-intensity workouts; hence, anyone can perform it irrespective of their fitness level. For instance, water aerobics is considered the most appropriate for beginners. In case some novices find themselves having difficulty with swimming, though.


As a beginner, you can start integrating workouts into fun activities. Dancing or skipping rope are some of them. Any age or sex can dance. Also, the enjoyment that comes with it is pretty high, too. Moreover, when individuals listen to beats or other rhythmic sounds, endorphins induce energy levels further, making them happy.

To Sum It Up

In summary, prioritizing joint health is crucial in fitness. High-impact exercises can strain joints, so transitioning to low-impact strength training is recommended. These exercises offer effective workouts with minimal joint stress, ensuring gains without pain. Consider incorporating 7 beginner-friendly low-impact strength exercises into your routine or explore further ideas on the Internet. The list may seem overwhelming, but deciding wisely before committing to any exercise routine is essential. Start by conducting thorough research and then create a suitable workout plan. By selecting exercises, you can maintain long-term fitness progress and improve your overall well-being.


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